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  1. Double brackets: Typing [[my new page]] will create a link to my new page?. There's a lot you can do? with double bracket links.双重方括号是最简单的方式,比如您如果希望建立一个名为“动物保护”的条目,就需要在显存文档里输入下面的内容: [[动物保护]]
  2. WikiWords: On sites that have WikiWords enabled as link-creating syntax, typing MyNewPage will create a link to MyNewPage?. WikiWords? are CapitalizedWordsSmashedTogether, and, on such sites, don't need double brackets to become links. Note that some sites have turned off WikiWord links -- including this one!

You can see that the links to my new page? all have question marks after them. That's because my new page? hasn't been written yet. Clicking the link will take you to an edit form where you can write and save the new page.

Another way to create a page: in your browser's address bar (where the page URL is), replace the name of the current page with the name of the page you wish to create, and hit Enter or do whatever you would normally do to go to a new location. PmWiki will then dutifully tell you that the page you entered doesn't exist, but you can click on the "Edit" link in order to create, edit, and save the new page.

The bad thing about this method is that there are no links to your new page, so you're the only person who knows it is there. It will be an orphan, unread, unlinked, unloved. That's why adding a link to an existing page or to the SideBar is a better way to create a page.

You can also organize related pages into groups?, and link between pages in different groups. Learn more?.

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Animal Rights, New Welfarism, Reverence for Animals, Animal Welfare, Naturalness, Autonomy of Animals, Animal Experimentation, Wildlife Protection, Spiritual Power of Animals, and more...

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